Poor Safety Ratings For Texas With Workplace Injuries

When people are considering a state to build a life in, safety is typically towards the top of the list. Most people focus on the overall safety of the community, thinking about the crime rate, the safety of the various organizations that have set up in the state, and the quality of the infrastructu...
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Impacts For Rental Cars As Recalls Remain High

Rental cars are part of the backbone of the travel industry as people often travel to places where taxis are rare and mass transit is non-existent. When people touch down in a foreign place, they already have enough to worry about with food, lodging, plane tickets, directions, and safety. They shoul...
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The Most Common Causes of a Wrongful Death

Whenever a loved one passes, it is always a sad experience. Even for people who know the end is near, the moment of a loved one’s passing is a somber moment. While most families and friends would prefer to celebrate the legacy and life of a loved one when they pass, some deaths aren’t as [&helli...
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Injured Worker: Texas Atrocities Insurers Protected From Lawsuits by High Court Ruling

What becomes of the Texas legal system when the laws that are written to protect the people of Texas become a mockery of corporate indulgence? The answer to that question is found in the recent court rulings handed down by the Texas Supreme Court. By issuing rulings that undermine the ability of inj...
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