Product Recalls

A product recall will occur when a manufacturer or other individual along a supply chain causes a defective or malfunctioning product to be distributed and sold to consumers. A recall may apply to professional products that were meant for people engaged in specific trades, or they may be applied to consumer goods. Certain types of recalls, such as those associated with automobiles and merchandise intended for children, are considered more critical and enjoy a greater degree of public attention.

Auto Recall

Car owners and buyers may not always know the vehicle they own or are purchasing still needs to be repaired because of a recall action…

Auto Part Recalls

Product defects arise most prominently in legal contexts, where the term is applied to “anything that renders the product not reasonably safe…

Child Products Recall

Product defects arise most prominently in legal contexts, where the term is applied to “anything that renders the product not reasonably safe…

Drug Recalls

Product defects arise most prominently in legal contexts, where the term is applied to “anything that renders the product not reasonably safe…

What You Need to Know

About Product Recalls

When a recall is necessary, the company undertakes to replace all defective merchandise at their own expense. They notify all the customers that they can find, post public announcements that call attention to the recall and the need for the owners to bring the merchandise to them for substitution with a properly functioning equivalent. The company naturally bears all the usual liability from the use and improper function of the merchandise sold until it is replaced.

Toys and products meant for children are frequently the targets of recalls, as the safety standards for such products are stringent and it is not uncommon for defects and design flaws to be discovered in new merchandise.

For example, defective strollers are often recalled because of folding parts that can close on a hand or other part of the body, integral pieces that proved to be less durable than designed and a wide variety of other problems.

Defective chests and dressers may be recalled for the same general safety reasons. Sometimes the design of the dresser is such that a child could easily pinch themselves while opening and closing the drawers, or the balance of the furniture is so far from stable that it could overturn and fall on them.

A defective child car seat may have any number of reasons for replacement. Perhaps it is not securely moored to the car, even when fastened in properly, allowing the child to come to harm during an accident. There may also be moving parts and exposed pieces that might pose a danger to the child.


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Defective toys are found in any number of different ways, but one of the most common problems is choking hazards. Sometimes the toy is so small that a child could conceivably inhale it and have difficulty breathing, or it contains pieces that break off to such a size. Defective swings may fail to hold up properly under the weight of a child and normal use, or they may contain parts that could catch the child’s hair or appendages. As with all products, it may also happens that one of the materials used to make the swing is found to be toxic. There are several types of plastic and other materials that can biodegrade and release harmful chemicals, and if any child’s product is found to be made with them then there is reason to expect a recall.

Children’s furniture is unfortunately not immune to the effects of poor manufacture. Some defective bean bag chairs have been recalled because the filling material was discovered to be toxic or insufficiently flame retardant. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that these problems do not occur, as any product marketed and sold in America is legally required to follow all customer protection regulations. Any violation of those provisions renders the product subject to recall.

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