Impacts For Rental Cars As Recalls Remain High

Rental cars are part of the backbone of the travel industry as people often travel to places where taxis are rare and mass transit is non-existent. When people touch down in a foreign place, they already have enough to worry about with food, lodging, plane tickets, directions, and safety. They shoul...
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Failure To Report Student Molestations By School Authorities Are On The Rise!!

When parents decide to send their kids to school, most parents do not think about their child’s safety. They place the onus on the school board to ensure that their children are receiving care and guidance from positive role models, just as the parents did many years ago; however, there seems to b...
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Student Molestation Prevention: Serving Justice to Predators

Students and teachers are oftentimes sharing a closeness that happens when both parties are spending time together all day throughout the week. There’s also situations in which students spend more time with their teachers than they spend with their own parents. However, some teachers have a ha...
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The Other Police Brutality Crisis: One Half of Police Shooting Victims Suffer from Mental Illness

  Acts of police brutality against black men have been front page news for several years, sparking the successful activist movement, #BlackLivesMatter. Yet, African Americans are not the only victims of unprovoked violence at the hands of so-called peace officers. An even bigger crisis involves...
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Rio Grande Valley Residents Have Been Eating Toxic Fish for Decades

For more than two decades, both state and federal officials have clearly understood that the fish populating the Donna Reservoir and Canal System in the Rio Grande Valley area are a major health risk. Although the water itself in the Valley has been declared safe by environmental researchers, the fi...
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Personal Injury Attorneys Report Texas Jury Finds Trampoline Park Grossly Negligent

Personal injury attorneys are satisfied over the rulings on the recent lawsuit filed by the family of a Houston teenager. The youth, referred to only as “Max” by WFAA’s sister station KHOU, was playing inside a commercial trampoline park located in northwest Harris County. At the time of the ...
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